– Manage easily your point clouds ! is the best collaborative web platform that will allow you to process, measure, view and share your point clouds easily and quickly.

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Bring your point clouds to life!

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Host all your 3D data on a single, secure platform!



With, taking measurements in a complex environment becomes child’s play. Uncover all the secrets of your buildings by measuring angles, distances, heights, surfaces or even volumes in your point clouds.

Comment on your analyzes and share them with your teams so that they can dive into the creation of fair plans.



Manage the access authorizations of your employees ranging from full access level (modification) to partial access (visualization).

Store your heavy point clouds from your 3D survey campaigns (drone, scan) and share them with your teams.



Thanks to, you can now import point clouds into your base point cloud. You will thus be able to verify the viability of your choices and your decisions and to take corrective actions.

3D simulation through the Cloud gives you a better understanding and an almost zero margin of error on all your projects.


Thanks to the software solution, work with point clouds of all formats (.e57, .las, .laz, .rcp, .rcs, .ply, .imp …) from your laser scanners (Faro , Trimble, Leica, Paracosm,…) has never been so easy.

The processing and hosting of your 3D scans in the cloud is accelerated, therefore you will be able to model your digital BIM models in your CAD software more quickly and also identify differences and modeling problems to speed up your construction projects and / or renovation of buildings and save on your budgets.

Collaborate simplifies your projects for you and your teams!

The possibility of being able to collaborate in VR on high precision data collected during your surveys by scan or by aerial photogrammetry will allow you to gain in efficiency during your work on your tools such as Edgewise, Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD and ArchiCAD.


View in VR

ATIS Cloud allows you and your teams to simultaneously view your point clouds in virtual reality (VR) in order to better understand your projects.

Thanks to the ATIS Cloud, transform your office meetings into virtual meetings and move on your construction sites as if you were there!