Complementary functions dedicated to your point clouds!



Video generation

Thanks to, generating point cloud videos online has never been easier. Just like in Autodesk ReCAP software, position viewpoints by pressing the “P” key, select the duration of your animation, press “Play” and create your video.

Gestion des autorisations

Authorization management allows you to create groups to manage lists of members and assign them access to point clouds in just a few clicks.

Manage the access authorizations of your employees ranging from full access level (modification) to partial access level (visualization).


Sharing tools

Share your 3D data with others inside or outside your organization / company.

All project stakeholders will thus be able to benefit from to collaborate on a single, up-to-date point cloud with access to your annotations and modifications.

Immediate availability of your projects

Import all your point cloud files quickly on (upload speed depending on your connexion speed).

Once imported, your point clouds will be accessible 24/7.

Multidevice platform

Access all your projects on a single online platform from anywhere. is a responsive web application that can be opened on your PC, smartphone and tablet (IOS and Android).

Auto save allows you to automatically save the progress of your analyzes on your online projects.


Project versioning

Save the progress of your work on your online projects as versions and share your annotations and simulations with the members of your team.


Customizable interface

Choose the Enterprise plan and take advantage of the interface customization tools for you and your employees.

You can change the color, logos and appearance of the login page for your organization / company.

nuage de points

Import de nuages de points is compatible with point clouds of all origins structured or not (mobile scanners, fixed scanners and drones) and of all formats (.e57, .las, .laz, .pts, .ptx, .ply, .rcp, .rcs) .

Outils d'analyse

Point cloud analysis tools

Visualize your point cloud from all angles by changing:

  • point density,
  • lighting,
  • opacity,
  • color (RGB, elevation, intensity),
  • gamma,
  • brightness,
  • contrast.
mode de visu

Various viewing modes offers many visualization tools to improve the understanding of your projects and your point clouds. These tools are:

  • the minimap (display of your position in your project),
  • the navigation cube (change between a top view and a side view),
  • the projection of the camera (transition from an orthographic view to a perspective view),
  • orbit, earth, flight and flyover navigation modes to navigate your point clouds according to your habits as if you were a bird or a helicopter.

Annotations and measures

Highlight and mark the points of interest (POI). Export and share your annotations with your collaborators.
Take all the dimensions of your buildings using the tools in your point clouds to measure:

  • angles,
  • distances,
  • distances between two coordinates,
  • heights,
  • surfaces,
  • volumes,
  • profiles.

VR visualization is the only Cloud platform allowing VR meetings with multiple attendees. Visualize simultaneously your point clouds in virtual reality (VR) to better understand your projects.

Thanks to the, transform your office meetings into virtual meetings and move on your construction sites as if you were there! (Functional on Mozilla Firefox only)


Visualization of spherical images

Beyond a simple visualization of point clouds, the also allows you to import and view the spherical images collected during your survey.

These are very useful to understand a complex project.


3D implementation simulation

Thanks to the, you can now import point clouds as resources (via the Upload page) into your basic point cloud.

3D simulation through the Cloud ensures better understanding and almost zero margin of error on all your projects.



Isolate your view on specific objects or hide unwanted points. This feature is handy for cleaning up your point cloud and removing unnecessary information so you can focus on the part that interests you.


Export of zones through your browser

Instead of working with a heavy data set containing useless information, select the area that interests you, choose the desired format and quality (from 1 to 10) and import the resulting file into your CAD software to speed up your modelization step.

Espace de stockage

Secure storage space

Take advantage of a dedicated storage server that evolves according to the needs of your team. The security of is based on data protection using AES256 encryption.

Enjoy centralized control of all your files and require members of your account to authenticate each time they log in.

Simulation tutorial video